Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Quiet week

Very un - productive week.

This is the only thing I made last week, I really enjoyed doing it , it is
only 4 x 4 patches sewn together and cut into a circle and then add a band
of stitchery.
The stitchery says
"stitch with your heart sew with your soul"

It was difficult to photograph the stitchery you can just see some of it.
My next project is more stitchery I am going to trace a couple of patterns out as I enjoy having a little hand work to do in the evenings.
The only problem the completed stitchery's need to be put together into a quilt or a bag, ~~~more UFO's to complete .~~~~

Keep calm and stitch on and look forward to your new projects .

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  1. That's a nice pincushion. I am happy to see a lot of embroidery on it and that you are enjoying the work.

  2. Thank you for your comment
    Just wish I could get my stitches more even and neater


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