Tuesday, 12 February 2013

 Liebster Award Part 1

Pauline at http://fieldatthepaddocks.blogspot.co.uk has kindly awarded me the Liebster award. Thank you Pauline. To get the Liebster award is an honour for me as the award is given blogger to blogger. To receive the award your blog must have less than 200 followers or be less than 6 months old. If you are honoured with the award you then write a post including the following things.

  • List 9 random things about yourself
  • 9 questions posted by the the blogger who presented the award to you
  • Present the award 9 bloggers
  • Create 9 questions for them to answer.
I have chosen to write 2 posts, the first part is to nominate 9 bloggers and give them their questions. 

                           My nominees are

Wynn Tan @ zakkaart.com

My questions are

1. What is your favourite food?
2. What part of a patchwork quilt do you enjoy making most of all?
3. Your favourite quilt exhibition and where is it held?
4.How long have you been blogging?
5.Have you ever been to a quilt retreat?
6.What other hobbies do you have?
7.How many projects do you still have to finish?
8.You perfect holiday destination?
9.Favourite type of fabric, pattern, texture. or plain.

In part2 I will list 11 random things about myself and answer Pauline's questions.


  1. Thanks for joining in can't wait for part 2

    Cheers Pauline

  2. Hi Pauline,
    I have 2days free I will finish the second part of the award off and time to sew


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