Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Blog update

Thought I would just update you today I been to my local Apple shop as for sometime I have had problems
with up loading photo's to my blog and Apple appeared to have solved everything.
The earlier picture of the small quilt was bought by my friend and really thought it was worth a picture on 
my blog it has twigs on the bottom makes it look a bit different.

This next picture is a small purse I made from upholstery fabric  I love the light green fabric . 

 This is a hanging bag that my friend gave me the pattern I think she got the pattern at festival of quilts.

I now know how to alter the sizes of photos   


  1. I'm glad you got help from Apple. It is often hard to solve computer problems one self at home.
    You have some neat bags there! The hanging bag must be very useful for all those things that gather around us. It could also make a stylish peg bag for the washing line.
    The upholstery fabric is lovely.
    Keep blogging!


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