Friday, 28 February 2014

Quilt shop

Can you guess where these two shops are , they are next each other.
The first one is called Den Haan & Wagenmakers BV
The second one  called Birdblocks
Quilt shop.
The first one should give you a clue,have!! it's Amsterdam,the shops are different than the UK they
seem to concentrate on fabrics,most UK have more patterns and  a larger selection of haberdashery, I found only I few rulers, threads,
The fabrics were lovely they cost round about €19 a metre very colourful and lovely
I was very good  I any I have my sensible head on at the moment using all my stash up.


  1. Wow, two shops in a row! Well, it does not surprise me that there are good quilt shops in Holland. After all we see a lot of lovely Duch quilts. I hope you got lots of inspiration for your stash raid.
    By the way, I love the look of your new blog!

  2. Thank you it is more interesting if you change the look of your blog from time to time.


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