Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Happy New Year

Thought it was about time I gave you an update as I have been busy working no time to blog, still fitted in a little time to sew, -----you just have to get your FIX!!!!
These are just few of the things I have finished plenty of UFO like everybody

Bag made for my friend Ann gave it her last week she has a thing about

Iron caddy I got the pattern from New Zealand I have made 3

Mug rug made this last week

These are the other two iron caddy, great idea especially if you go to a quilting group and complete with mat to iron on.
I still have my quirky house quilt to finish I need to quilt it I am not sure what to do on it, hope to show you soon.
Have a great week and happy sewing.

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  1. Hi, there! Nice to see you you are blogging again. You might have been busy working, but you have been busy quilting, too. Lots of beautiful things to see. I think the iron caddy is such a great idea - perfect to carry home a still hot iron from a quilt meeting.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you Queenie you are so on the ball with your blogging

  3. The bird bag looks great, I am sure you friend loves it. Always nice to see you in blog land no matter how often.
    Cheers Pauline

  4. Thank you Pauline for your kind comment.
    Nice to be back.


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