Monday, 10 February 2014

Happy Monday

Hello friends ,
Just a few new things to show you, this is hexagon ruler I bought this week as I have a few bags of strips that need to be used up, it makes hexie from 1" to 5" this year I have promised myself to use up scrap fabric and donate them to charity.

Pin cushion no1

Pin cushion no 2
This is my favourite one, small items are easy to store, ( think I am going to have a house full of them.
Might have to think about doing a few craft fairs soon.

This is a cathedral window block, my choice of fabric was a bit negative I am sure it would have looked better with a plain or batik instead of the flowers.
What do you think?

This is a 20" block I like this, the colour and the block, would be great to make a single bed quilt out of it, you would only need to make a few with it being such a big block.

Have a great week and let see lots of sewing it is lovely to see what other people are doing as we all have different styles and interests.

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