Monday, 11 June 2012

Another rainy day

Thought I would add two picture as the weather is drab,cold and generally miserable not like normal June weather.

Here are three tissue boxes very easy to make they just brighten a tissue box with the bright fabric.

Also two trinket holders these are fabulous to it only takes a 10" square and can be complete in about one hour.
It would be lovely of you to make a comment or show me your small items that you have made.
Hope you have a good week with lots of quilting and sewing.


  1. Those are lovely! Love the trinket holders - planning to do a tutorial anytime soon? Would love to make them! =)

  2. Yesss.......they are very nice, I love to make small items as you do and I have something to show.......let's check it out : )

  3. Thank you for stopping by. I think we should do a tutorial perhaps towards the winter when we have had our holidays and have more time to play.
    keep up the good work and enjoy your sewing.

  4. Love the little trinket boxes. I also love making small things - yesterday knitted roses - but anything that only takes an hour or two always interests me.

  5. The trinket basket look cute.Thy worked well.

  6. You are so clever - and so FAST!


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