Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Happy Wednsday

Dear Friends,
Sorry I have been away what seems a long time I spent some time in Tokyo with my dear friend Carin we visited the Tokyo International Quilt show which was held at the Tokyo Dome baseball stadium in fact we went 3 time it was that fantastic.

Lovely work.

Made by
Kumiko Fujita

Second block
on bottom row
was made by me the green star
we sent a block to be added to the
partnership quilts which were raffled off
in aid of the Japanese earthquake fund.

The block next to the last one on the top row
was made by my friend Helen who sent it from the UK
They had 80 quilts to make up someone had a hard task

This is Hachiko the famous dog still waiting for his master to
return home it is in Shibuya also  famous for the crossing
where hundreds of predestrians cross together.

This was taken in one of the rooms the experts all decorate a room
this was by Yoko Saito think it looks very Japanese and
has her distintive style

This was Yoko Saito work it is in the same setting she is
very fond of taupe's

I will show just a few photo's today I think the work in these quilt is spectacular if anyone would like to comment I would be interested in what you think.
Have a good day.


  1. I love the last photo, how big was it?

    1. It was only about 27" x 25" very effective this section was the framed section.

  2. Welcome home!
    Thank you for sharing your photos. I think Keiko Miyauchi's tree is the best. She is a meticulous quilter, an expert on needle turn and quilting. She has great design skills as well.
    Among the framed quilts the Chinese pagoda is high on the list of my favourites.
    I am also happy to see Hachiko as I have no photo of him myself.
    I hope you have recovered from your possible jet lag and are busy quilting once again!


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