Tuesday, 6 March 2012

When the rains came down!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was yesterday it rained all day, they say we had over 2"
of rain and we do need  it as we have not had any rain
for most of this year.

This is a cot quilt I am sandwiching together
ready for quilting.
As you can see I need a kneeling mat, it
just helps the strain on the old knee's
Not sure how I quilt it as it is a  very busy
pattern. I will show when I finish it.


  1. Have you thought about quilting the blocks ?
    It will take a time but could look good.

  2. A rainy day is perfect for kneeling on the mat to sandwich a quilt! I see you have 'pinned' the top to the floor properly!
    The pattern is lively and will be nice for a little child to cuddle under or play on.
    Looking forward to seeing how you'll quilt this.

    1. Just added a little more about the quilting
      See what you think about it.


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