Friday, 14 December 2012

Friday group

À few new quilts for you to have a look at, this one i made its cot quilt its the second one.
The third picture was made by my friend Liz it à wallhanging made from the same pattern but the blocks are.put on point, sorry the picture is a bit fuzzy.
The first picture is à star quilt made différent sized blocks put together by Liz and looks very swish.
Which one do you like?


  1. Thank you for 'taking me to the quilt show'. You have choosen lovely colours for your charming cot quilt.
    Although geometric and with sharp angles the star quilt has a lot of movement in it, don't you think.
    I am sure you had a great day at the show.

  2. Great quilts the cot quilt would brighten up any nursery.

    Cheers Pauline


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