Friday, 30 November 2012

This and that

Another Christmas present made for a dear friend I am so glad she does not blog, but thought I would just give you a quick peek.

The pinky spotty one i am really pleased with how it's turned out, it
Is made with Essex Linen a good quality linen it is the first time I have used this make of fabric and would definitely recommend it.

This one I made in the summer it is quite large I am not to keen on it a bit big for me It is made with Lecien fabric What do you think do you like it?
I must one day give you a peek at my sewing room as you can imagine it is packed with fabric, bags and notions and very untidy so I will have to have a rehash and a move round.
Have a great weekend and happy sewing.


  1. I'm sure your friend will love the pinky spotty bag you've made for her.
    Love the sweet colours and prints you've used for the summer bag, I don't think it's big at all. It makes a great shopping tote!

  2. I've never heard of Essex linen but glad you found a kind of fabric you like.
    The pink bag with spots is simple and nice, the bigger one perfect for big haul shopping, no?
    How about publishing a Before and After picture of your sewing room, ha, ha? That is a good way to get that Christmas Cleaning done! Speaking of cleaning, there are some 'Dust Rats' in the corner of my room, time to get the broom out.


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