Thursday, 23 February 2012

Carry on sewing


Hope your all OK? and keeping calm and carry on sewing I have a few things to show you so here goes:
This was a tutorial from a kind friend on Friday she showed me how to do log  cabin with attitude its just a way of using up all the many long strips we have left from earlier project, as quilters we do not throw anything away.
I think it would make a cuddle quilt possibly for Linus project, I show you again when I sandwich it together and finished the quilting.
The weather here is much warmer today I have had a good day sorted my garden and re- jigged my house all lovely and clean so I can spend  my time on un finished item that need to be put together, 
The warmer weather makes me feel motivated, asI need to a big push, as I soon get stuck in a rut and have no interest in normal everyday things.
I still have more things to show you I will blog  on another day as I need to cook dinner.
Happy Sewing.


  1. That's a very nice way to use up old scraps. The wonky log cabin will be a lovely quilt.

  2. Glad you have managed to do some more blocks it is looking good.


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