Friday, 24 February 2012



This a wool hand applique mat with off white daisy's on I found this perfect to sit and sew In the
evening, it was bought as a kit from Quilters Haven in Wickem Market near Ipswich some months ago.
I will definitely use wool again  as I am very please with how easy it was to get my stitches

Here below are two wallets I made as
every time I go away I never have anywhere
to put English notes, I end up putting them in a plastic
bag. I did them both different I  glued one and the other one I
 machined satin stitch round the edges.
Both great fun to do.

This is my elephant I love applique it is done on the
machine the elephant is taken from a Japanese book.
I am going to make several blocks with different
animals on, save them until I get enough for a


  1. You have been so productive! The wool quilt is beautiful, and yes, wool is a lovely material to work with.
    Which book did you take the elephant pattern from?

  2. The elephant came from Yoko Saito's book I bought it is all applique.


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