Monday, 2 June 2014

Monday Fun.

Hi, it's Monday again all I have to show you this week is a cushion I made from cushion and quilts by Jo Colwill great book and the projects are made a little differently than usual.
It make a change to have an oblong pad I now have another one to make not sure how I want to do the next one I fancy beach huts, watch this space as it could all change and be nothing like beach huts.

I bought this booklet at our local quilts store Sew and So at Bungay Suffolk it called The Simple Life by Anni Downs she has a web state called Hatched and Patched I have made a few pin cushions out of her patterns.
If you like folk art patchwork you will love these patterns.

I love this turtle pincushion don't you?
Look out for these two books they are well work a read .think that's all for this week have a productive and post all new items so I can see them.

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  1. I think an oblong cushion is very useful. It gives good support to the back and can also be used as an armrest when you sit and read a book and want some support.
    The two books are really 'you' and I am sure we will see some folk crafty items on you blog soon.
    Have fun!


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