Sunday, 7 July 2013

Quirky house

Hello happy bloggers,

Expect your all sunning yourselves the weather here today is fabulous , thought I would show you my new project Quirky Houses.

They are all different and great fun to do as its hot it is quite nice to hand sew, this is the first one, it is done with stem stitch and one strand of embroidery thread.
I enjoy this sort of pattern if anyone has any work like this I would love to see it, please e-mail me with details and then I can put a link to your blog.
Short and sweet blog as the sun is still shinning and I must get some lovely sun before it changes.

Keep calm and happy sewing.

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  1. The quirky houses look like they belong in a children's story book. They must have been great fun to do. Enjoy the sunshine, while it lasts!!??


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