Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tuesday work

Hello friends,
Hope you are all warm as the weather here in the UK is really cold for march.

This is a new bag I have just finished it is a large bag with two side pockets,
I also put a small pocket inside for mobile phone or keys as the pockets on the side are very deep.

I will add an extra photo to give better picture.

Think the last picture give the bag a clearer picture.
I am completing some hand work as it is cold and I need to be relaxed by the TV, it will take me a while as I normally do machine sewing.
Keep calm and carry on sewing and look forward to your blogs.

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  1. Nice bag, as usual. You are a real 'bag lady'! The quilt in the background is lovely, too.
    It is cold in Tokyo, too. Long johns and double socks, floorheating and muffler - in MARCH!!! Of course one has to cuddle up somewhere warm and do handsewing.
    Have fun, keep warm and pray spring will come soon!

  2. How cute a bag!
    I want it too. :D

  3. Thank you for your comments it is great to get two comment from Japan, amazing how the Internet keeps us in touch with everywhere in the world.
    Welcome Sakae to my blog.


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