Wednesday, 27 February 2013

This and that.


More UFO for you to look at!!!

This is a red work cushion I didn't know what I wanted to do with it think it looks OK as a cushion.

This is my star quilt I think the boarder makes this lap quilt look very interesting as I have used mainly taupe, and it was very drab.
This is one project that from start to finish it some how never went together as it should have, ( think I was having a mental block everything I did to it, did not go right.). Anybody have this sort of problem!!!!!!

Hope to have time tomorrow to finish the other cushion off after that I hope my workroom will look tidy and then I can get on with the next project.

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  1. The redwork cushion looks great, and looks nice next to the quilt.
    The taupe quilt 'needs' that border. Why was it difficult to make this quilt? Did you follow an instructions that was not so good? Was the fabric uneven, and stretchy (I think this is often the case with 'Japanese' taupe fabric)?
    Have fun tonight with the next cushion.

    1. I didn't use a pattern just picked random blocks out of a book, my fabric choice could have been a bit more exciting , Don't you think !!!


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