Tuesday, 26 February 2013

More UFO finished


Another two UFO finished, I have had a good look round my sewing room and I think I have found more UFO that need finishing off!!!!!!!

This is a favourite of mine think it is the colours peach,green and white, it is a cot quilt or play quilt it gave me great pleasure

putting it together.
Hope you like it please comment on it.
This is a wall hanging I bought from the knitting and stitching show it was from a patchwork shop called Village Patchwork they are from Oxford area and lots of the kits have a Japanese flavour to them.
They also have great bag kits check them out.

Hope you will pop back to check out what other UFO I have finished.

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  1. That cot quilt is sweet, and makes me think of spring. What UFO work did you do on it?
    On the Japanese quilt top you have both pine and maple - two much loved trees in Japan.
    So what other UFOs are you working on at the moment?
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Today I hope to complete two red work cushions !!! I hope, I have also found two lap quilts that need sandwiching together and quilt !!!
      One was from a workshop I did last year and the other was a pattern I found on the Internet.
      Wish me luck I am going to be at it forever .


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