Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Retro fabric

On a lovely dry and warm October day I have sorted my front and back garden so I'm all neat and tidy it makes you feel so good when everything is in it place.

This was the fabric I bought locally from a friends shop it is a thread tidy great for taking to workshop or ideal for your craft room, even good to keep the remote for the TV at least you can find it.
I made it for my quilting friend she preferred to make big quilts and has no time for small items.


  1. Oh, I do like that tidy! I think it can be used for a number of things apart from thread ends and remote controls. What about keys and gloves near the door, a water bottle by the bed or those reading glasses...

  2. Lovely thread tidy - nice fabric choice.

  3. pretty thread tidy - love that fabric print too!

    1. Thank you for the kind comments.
      Enjoy your weekend.


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