Sunday, 6 May 2012

Happy Holiday

Bank holiday Monday in the UK hope you all have a relaxing time
just thought you might like to look at my new tote bag made
from the Zakka style book which is the best "How to make book " on
the market at the moment.

Another picture
I hope to blog more often it is great to have comments
and your thoughts, opinion and I love to see
what you have designed or created.
Carry on the good work.


  1. And we love seeing what you have created! The bag is awesome. What does zakka mean? Is it the Japanese meaning of 'small, cute and charming'? You know what kind of things I am talking about, The shops here are full of such things in Tokyo.

    1. Thank you for your comment I sure you are correct about Zakka style the only thing I can say everything is made with linen.
      I am just hooked on this book most of the people who design in the book are Japanese.


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