Monday, 16 April 2012

New week - lots of sewing

I made a nest of 3 boxes from a new book Zakka style with 24
projects in they are all great fun to sew.

Here is a pin cushion from the same book I did intend to put an owl
on the tape but I could not find my wide tape,. This always happens
with small items I always wont to get them finished.

This is the star block I did at the work shop I attended
on Friday this has a pink background.

This is the same block with a darker back ground it gives
a different look to the block by changing the background.
I am going to do a few different star as I want to get more
experience with half square triangles.


  1. I just love your box's and pincushion.Where did you get the book?

    1. Hi,
      I bought the book on Amazon it is the best place not buy from and the cheapest.
      Happy sewing and quilting.

  2. You have been busy indeed! Have you retired from work??!!
    The stacked boxes are not only beautiful but seem very practical, too.
    On the little pin cushion, is there a piece of Liberty floral print lawn?
    I don't think you need an owl on the tape; there is just the right amount of decoration on the cushion as it is.
    If you make a stack of stars you can make a nice quilt. What is he name of the pattern?
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Love your boxes and pincushion,what are you going to do with the stars?

    1. Hello Nordzie,
      Thank you so much for the comment .
      I am going to make other star blocks when I go to my next class with Lynn Edwards which will be towards the end of the month .
      Sorry it has been a while since I blog I have had lots of extra things on I will try to do more blogging I have many things to show you.
      Happy sewing and quilting.

  4. Love your stuff - everyone mentions the zakka style book - must look at it. xx

    1. Hello Annabelle,
      Thank you for your comment you must check out Zakka style book it is fabulous I have made 3 items from the book tonight hope to put a tote made from the book.
      Happy sewing and blogging


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