Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Next step

I am starting to quilt my cot quilt thought I would
show you the way I quilt my quilts everybody has their own
way of doing this.
First I always go round the edge with a big machine
stitch to hold all the edges together this makes it tidy,  you then
can cut all the waste wadding and fabric away.

Next I have machined round the boarder again just to anchor
it and make it firm.

My favourite thing is free motion quilting,
I hope you can see on the beige fabric.
I intend to do more tomorrow perhap
I will add some to the grey as I am going to
 a quilting group. I should get quite a lot
done. I hope!!!

This is my machine it is a Janome TX 607
it is new so I am learning all the tricks and tips that
a new machine will do, I normally use a
Bernina 830 record which is 33 years old,
I bought a new one as the Bernina is too heavy
to take to groups and classes.
I will let you know what I think about the
machine when I have finished this cot quilt.


  1. Thank you for sharing your methods of quilting. It is very interesting to see how others work. I envy you your machine quilting skills. I am not good at free motion quilting and find sitting at the machine too long very hard on the shoulders.
    Good luck with the work at the quilting group.

  2. It is good to share. Your photos are very clear close so close up.


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