Thursday, 29 September 2011

Sunny day in Norwich.

The weather is so hot today I  have had my lunch outside and it is really hot I thought the summer weather was over even put away my garden chairs and I had to get them out again.
My washing out on the line it will be dry soon then I will have to iron it  UG! not the most exciting job, I only like ironing patchwork this means that the quilt is half complete and nearly ready for the quilting.
Today I am enjoying some quiet time and just relaxing think its the shock of this hot weather I must make the most of it and go back outside.

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  1. Dear Hilary,

    Sorry I have not commented in a long time.
    I'm glad to hear of your outing to London and think your cushions are great.
    It is hot here in Tokyo, too, but gradually the weather is getting cooler and the air drier.


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