Tuesday, 2 July 2013

At last a free day to blog

Hello Bloggers,

Nothing much  to report on the sewing front, I have added a few picture from earlier quilt as  Natalie from knitnrun4sanity.wordpress.com

wanted to have a closer look at the wall hanging made with the wavy ruler.
After the holiday season is over I intend to show a friends cushion made with the wavy ruler is is done with applique and is quite stunning.
As you can probably see photography is not what I do best, but I do try, as you know the whole world loves a trier or so they say!!!!
Just going to add  more photo's you may have seen them in the earlier stages of construction they are now finished and on my wall. It was a kit I bought in Tokyo from a Japanese lady who specialised in Molar work she has been featured in Quiltmania, basically it means reverse applique.
I am not an embroider I love patchwork but from time to time it good to stretch the boundaries and do different things, I am soon to go on a turned applique day workshop this will be challenging

as I have never done this before, so watch this space you may get to see the finished item.

Happy holidays and carry on sewing.


  1. Your wavy wall hanging is great; I love the quilting on the border.
    Your two 'Tokyo Mola' quilts are fun. I think they are very Yoko Saito in colour.
    I am also impressed by your new picture background. How did you get that blue background?

  2. Hi Queenie,

    I cheated and used my garden table which is bright blue.
    Cool dont you think?


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