Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Wednesday fun

It Wednesday again this is my play day, today we had eight ladies at our quilting bee all chatting and having fun as usual I always have things to show you.

This was truly beautiful the colours where soft and delicious it was almost finished Jan had just to do the binding.
Lots of the blocks where made with curved pieces which made it look spectacular.

This was another one almost finished by Jan this again was impressive, I thought I had a lot of UFO but I don't think I can keep up with Jan you can tell she has spent a lot of time in Saudi.
Next week quilting bee is at my house so I will have to update my baking skill, this week we had scones and a fabulous Victoria sponge it was at Sally's house we sat in the conservatory it was hot, a welcome change from the awful weather we have had since Christmas.

That's about all for today I may have things to show you on Friday as it is my quilting group full day in Suffolk.

( Keep calm and carry on the good work )

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  1. Oh, I envy you all the fun you are having! Jan's curvy quilt is impressive; it must have taken a lot of effort to make all those blocks.
    Have fun and save a slice of home made cake next time the bee is at your house.
    All the best


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