Wednesday, 17 April 2013

More about Wednesday bee

I posted my last post from my phone and I can not add any more information for you the second picture which I can take again is my work.

I am practising embroidery stitches as this is my weakness,I bought the kit in Japan and this part is just the negative bit that are left so they are ideal for a sample piece.

The third picture on my last blog was made by Jenny it is a throw and beautifully made as Jenny always does all hand work .
Sorry phone only seems to do limited things I shall keep to the I Pad in future.
Carry on with all the good work and have a great week and catch up with you next week.

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  1. Was this a Yoko Saito kit? It is taupe and she is using a lot of embroidery on her designs, isn't she?
    I think you have made excellent stitches, not a weak point at all!

  2. Hi Queenie,
    No this was a kit from the lady that does Mola work (reverse applique) not sure of her name she often teaches in Nantes.
    I have done normal applique with bonda web and then embroidered it,
    Next time I am going to try Mola work.

  3. What lovely embroidery, I've never see the picture being created by the spaces before

  4. Wonderful taupe patchwork!
    Thank you for loving Japa!! :D


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