Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Liebster Award part 2

This is part 2 of the Liebster  award.

How many UFO do I have?
I have at least 10, a lap quilt and a cot quilt that will be finished at Friday class which is this week,and a large king sized quilt I have taken to be machine quilted professionally as it is too big to go under my machine.
I have also made a few different types of blocks and have decided to make them into mug rug's and place mats, these are just being finished I will post these later.

What colours do I like?
When I started quilting I was keen on red's and blacks anything bright and bold, now I seem to have changed  I like Japanese type taupe's, I prefer calming colour and patterns.

What was the first quilt I made?
I made a cot quilt for my grandson who is 14 years old, that's how long I have been quilting (My the time flys when your having fun) It was from a book which I still have called The ultimate quilting & patchwork companion by Isabel Stanley & Jenny Watson it is a thick book with loads of small projects ideal for the beginner.
The quilt is on page 84 and is called a Country throw, I applique hearts, hands and I added cricket bats and balls, it is funny he is really in to cricket and plays for the county.

What other crafts do I do.
I enjoy card making and beading I have also done a course on silver clay it is very expensive but great fun to create your own silver pieces I made a heart. owl and a star for my daughter.

What fabric do I like plain textured or floral.
I go mostly for plains, textured and never buy floral unless it is a spectacular print and a Small print.
I also have just start to collect  text prints I love to look at them and stroke them!! ( Anybody have the same problem just too nice to use>)

How many blogs do I follow?
I follow about 34 blogs this keeps me busy reading all the news about these bloggers.

What do I like best about blogging?
Keeping in touch with like minded people, and seeing what they have made or seeing where they have been travelling to.
Best thing with a blog you can see all the fabulous quilt and other items that they have made, and not forgetting the tutorials which are great fun I have made things from comfortstitiching,pinkpenquin and also the Zakka style book which I found on one of the blogs

Do you like gardening.
Yes I do. I have only a small city garden full of pots, solar lights and when the weather is better I put out a couple of tables and chairs.
I love being out in the evening as the light starts to go, the solar lamps throw pretty patterns on the paving this makes me feel calm and relaxed.

9.The seasons I like best?
It has got to be quilting season spring and autumn.

Favourite flowers.
This has got to be Hellebore's that's out now and Penternon Phoenix which is a bell shaped flower which last
for most of the summer.

Do I have any pet?
No I don't. We did have red setters which where lovely ,very silly  and great fun, now I like to travel so pets are difficult to get looked after.

Thank you for listening to me and hope you found it interesting.

I would like to say a big thank you to Pauline from  for
nominating me for this awards


  1. Thank you for joining in. I enjoyed reading your responses to the questions. The silver clay sounds like fun.

    cheers Pauline

  2. It is always interesting to read your blog!
    So you will soon have three fewer UFOs! Good show! Have fun tomorrow. Working with taupe must be one of the most difficult colour ranges. I think it is hard for a beginner to use them and it is only natural that one starts making quilts that have starkly contrasting colours. Did you know that Yoko Saito has a system for mixing taupe? It's on the internet somewhere; I'll try to find it for you.

  3. Thank you girls for your lovely comments.
    Keep warm as the weather is very chillli here in the UK.
    Look forward to reading your blogs wnd seeing what's new with you.


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