Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow Snow again.


Just thought I would add a picture of our snowy weather here in the UK this is the second week I have been house bound YIPPEE!! Time to sew.

I have half finished my Blue and White quilt I will try and complete it so I can show you, I am very pleased with it as it is really crisp and clean looking.

What to make next any suggestion would be grateful? I do have cushion covers to make as I was asked to make them for a charity raffle which is not drawn until August so I have plenty of time to design them.

I also have some cards to make so I should be ready to show you on my next blog.

Keep warm and carry on crafting .


  1. Clean snow looks very pretty but I know how cold it can be. Best to stay indoors and quilt!
    I think your blue and white quilt can become a very nice one. Looking forward to a progress picture.
    As for other things to make; how about this zakka thread ball:

    1. Thank you for your comment the snow today is starting to melt thank goodness.
      liked the Zakka thread ball also enjoyed the blog.


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