Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Wednesday play day

Today has been a play day I have made a few Christmas cards and just done a little sewing and had a great relaxing time, I think we all need one of these's from time to time.
I am chilling ready for the Christmas rush here are the cards.

And a few more

I also received a new quilting Japanese Quilting piece by piece it contains 29 stitched projects from Yoko Saito and its in

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I have photographed lots of the bags I think you will love them.

My favourite what do you think?

More pic's



The pictures in the book are very dark I am sorry if they appear a bit drab

Love this one.
Thoroughly enjoyed this book I can not wait to make something from it, first I must finish my Christmas present.
Have a great week and hope you enjoy my new book.


  1. Have you done a lot of scrapbooking? The cards look so prefessional! And you have had time to make such a lot!!!
    The book is fantastic, and I am so pleased to see it in ENGLISH. There are some Japanese quiltbook that have been translated into French, but if you don't read French... I am glad some publicher have taken on this project as there are a great number of non-Japanese Yoko Saito fans around the world.
    Have fun!

  2. Thank you for your comment I thought it was time I used up some of my excess card making equipment as I need more space in my work room and handmade cards always looks cool.
    Great find this book by Yoko really make a change read a book in English by Japanese author.
    Have a good week and happy sewing.

  3. Those cards look lovely. Thanks for sharing those bags from that book!


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