Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Old and new

This week a friend called she was having a general sort out and she found some of these items in the photo's. Old glass button and if your viewing from the UK you can see the prices in old money!
If you take a look at the pale blue glass buttons you can see there is a lot of detail on them, I could not resist I had to put a little fabric by the side and let you see old and new together .

Here we have cloth buttons and very old cotton thread it is just like quilting cotton, the one at the back I think is more modern it is silk coated.

Can anybody tell me what these are? and what you would use them for, they are called screw pins.
What would you screw them into?
Please comment if you know what these were used for and if you think you can use them.
It's lovely looking back at old sewing notions the detail and time they took to make and also the prices everything now is mass produced.


  1. Is there a prize for solving the screw pin questions for you?!

    The answer was found by google: they are called upholstery twist pins these days and are used to hold slipcovers, mattress pads and doilies firmly in place.

  2. Yes I think you deserve a prize for finding out this information, think I will give you an easy bag making pattern, I wrote the pattern myself you could test it for me.?
    Let me know what you think.


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