Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Summer in the UK!!!!!!

Sorry I have been away for so long think it's the weather, although I have been sewing, think this keeps me sane.
I will show you a photo of what it was like with large hail stones and and an amazing amount of rain.
This was taken about an hour ago. It is now quite bright not July weather for the UK.

I will show you a few photo's of what I have been up with my sewing I have made two dresses that are still waiting for the hot weather that never arrived.
I only took a photo of one of them so here it is.

The fabric was bought locally and it was perfect of this style it has a dropped waist and a belt made of 100% cotton it was lovely to sew with.
I have some fabric for you to look at ~~

I like these colour how about you?
What have I made since I last blogged !!!

This is from Zakka style it is a sewing case I made it slightly different and I am using it to store two pair of glasses in as I have a few sewing cases.
How do you like the stamps ?

This is work in progress it will be I think a pencil case it has two small zips and the hexagons are English paper piecing it is put together slightly different. I will post a photo as soon as I have completed it.
Today has been a baking day made rhubarb crumble and lemon and poppy seed cake, I will be sharing these as they are far to fattening for me just good fun to bake and create.
Anybody out there would like to share recipe I would to love hear from you what is your favourite bake and create?
I will be at my quilting group this week so I will have more photo from the group toward the end of the week.
Be Happy and Keep Sewing


  1. English weather!
    Nice dress!
    Soft colours on the fabric.
    Why do you need TWO pairs of glasses?
    The WIP pencilcase is nice. Yoko Saito colours!
    Sorry no recipes here!

  2. You have been busy - that's a pretty dress. I love the prints from the Summerville's line, aren't they just cute!!! Love the stamp designs on the sewing case. I love hexies and your WIP pencil case is looking great - love the lace trimmings and yup, Yoko Saito colours, which I love too.

    Hmmm, one of my favourites would be Red Velvet Cupcakes and I love Moist Chocolate Cake too!


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