Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A day out

A day out with a friend it's her birthday we always have a day out and do lunch.
Of course we had to call at a quilting shop it was at Wroxham in Norfolk it is on the broads by the river is was a much warmer day. "thank goodness"

The shop is called Sew Creative I was very good I did not buy any fabric I bought sewing cotton, and some new notions that I had not seen before.

My friend had a jolly time and bought lots of fabric she needed, so she should considering it was her birthday.
Lunch was pleasant we ate it by the river sorry I forgot to take photo's of the river as you can imagine when you catch up with old friends you have lots of chatting to do.
Photo's for Carin hope these bring back happy memories of Norfolk I said hello to Kathleen in the shop and explained who I was.
I'm off to work another day another dollar just to finance my compulsive habit.
Keep sewing
Be happy

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  1. It was nice to 're-visit' Norfolk and Sew Creative.
    I'm glad you had a smashing day.


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