Monday, 14 May 2012

Back to normal more rain.!!!

Rain again.
Added a few pictures to cheer everyone up the first London fabric and about 6 smaller batik very colourful.

A new cot quilt that I finished yesterday it has a lot of quilting on, I wonder if I have over done the quilting what do you think?
My next job is to give it a good press.

Thought I would add an extra photo of plants in my garden getting wet with the drizzly rain.

Have a good week and happy sewing. Hope your weather is much better than ours.


  1. Yes, I do think it would have been better with less quilting.Other people might have a different view.The garden looks good even in the rain.

  2. It looks like its been washed.

  3. More quilting means a firmer quilt so that would be good for a playmat. Less quilting gives a much softer, cuddlier quilt. Both are OK, don't you think?

  4. I have pressed the quilt and it looks much better.


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