Thursday, 29 March 2012


Here are three picture of the work we did in Lynn Edwards
workshop on Monday , the block was called all cut up nine
patch it was really fun to do a good exercise in find colour
value's.light, medium, dark, brights and lights.

The one at the front with pink in it is mine Lynn gave us an easy way
putting them on point.

I like the colour in this one.

This an example of Lynn's lovely work next
year she is at the festival of quilts at
Birmingham  with I am sure a large display
of her fantastic quilt.

This is amazing you must all see this, it is like floor
tiles and all hand quilted

This also is lovely and bright. I have made this
quilt it is reversible "quilt as you go"
I expect you all know what I mean.
Hope you have enjoy these super quilts and
happy sewing.

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  1. I see you got a lot done in your workshop. All bloks look perfect so you must have found a nice way to assemble poeces.
    The quilt withe the floor tiles is fab.
    Have fun!


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