Friday, 16 March 2012

Recycled fabric.

These are 10  recycled kimono  fabric that
I bought about 2 years ago on my
first visit to Japan I have now
decided how I am going to
put these together in a quilt.
I will keep you all in suspense as I have many UFO
to get through before I can get
round to creating memories of  my

All this fabric was given to me and is the latest
wall hanging, it is to remind me what a super
time I had this year at Japanese quilt show with
my dear friend who live in Tokyo.


  1. I can not wait until you finish your UFO's to see what you have in mind for your Kimono fabric.

  2. But this is also 'kimono', be it only in print and not material. If you have got this far it IS a UFO, although a 'new' UFO. I think you have made a wonderful thing incorporating the sashiko dishcloth - yes, that is what it really is! - in the centre. The smart thing with these premarked patterns is that it is so easy to make even stitches. I am looking forward to the finished result.
    Rain and gloom in Tokyo, the perfect day for quilting!

  3. Lovely fabric and quilts. Welcome to blogworld.
    Pop over to me for a giveaway. Good luck in all ou do. xx

    1. Hi Annabella,
      Will certainly look out for your giveaway and look forward to blogging with you.
      Regards Hilary.


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