Monday, 12 December 2011

Nearly Christmas

Sorry I have not had time to blogg as I work extra days at Christmas time and what with shopping and card writing life is a little busy.
Today I have a note from Tokyo International quilt festival I sent a patchwork block off which has been added to a quilt, the quilt number is 47 and I am so lucky that I will be attending the quilt show in Tokyo,

I will look for it and post it on my blogg along with lots of other quilt picture and photo's of Japan.
This is not until January it is lovely having something like this to look forward too.

Fun patchwork fabric I brought back from New York thought you may like  to take  a peek at it, now I must find time to do something with them I bought 6 fat quarters as soon as I have time to use them I will post them so you can have a look at them.

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  1. Hi!
    Buying fabric instead of souvenirs is a good way to travel back in time to the place where you bought it. Every time you see that quilt, that bag or that place mat you used the fabric for, you will be reminded of your trip.
    Both the bagel and the subway map prints ooze New York charm.
    I'd love to see the other FQs.


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