Friday, 25 November 2011

Good evening

Dear Friends,

Hope you all have a great weekend and perhaps manage to do some Christmas shopping.
I am going to add a few more photo's from New York sorry it has been a while since I blogged as I had last weekend in Manchester with a friend from the north west who I met about 35 years ago.

That gives my age away.
The first one is a photo of my daughter with her new camera, the next two are of the fashion district and the fourth on is me taking a photo of the web cam in Time square, the next one is the building where John Lennon was assassinated and the last one was typical property that we have all seen in films like Pretty Women.

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  1. it's easy to see the resemblance between mother and daughter, and eventually i found you in the times square web cam photo too. your trip to new york must have given you a lot of good memories.
    today is the first sunday in advent and i have lit the first candle and the star in the window. busy working on the last border. what is your next project?


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