Wednesday, 29 July 2015

July already

Good morning,
It's been ages since I wrote a blog I seem to have been busy doing anything but sew!! I have had problems uploading photo to the internet so this morning is just a test to see I can get it to work.

It's working this is just a note book cover I made from Lori Holts ( Be√® in my Bonnet blog  ). It was quick and easy and holds a large note book and has 2 pockets inside and 1 on the outside.

These are knitted shawl I have spent time doing very quick and easy the only trouble I have loads of them, they get a bit addictive .
ANYONE WANT ONE they free just e-mail me##
I hope to get back into sewing  soon I did make an apron yesterday I won't bother showing you as it's just half apron nothing special.

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