Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Happy New Year
This month seems to have flown by I don't seem to have much time for sewing, think it's the cold weather --- I just want to baton down the hatches and keep warm.
I have a quilt to show you, I made the blocks a few years ago and did not know what to do with them, I put them away and I do think this is a good trick as soon as I pulled them out I was confident on how I should put them together .
The boarder is called a stepping stone boarder which I am really please with, it was all cut on the bias so I had to be very careful not to stretch it.
Some of the appliqué came from Japanese books one of them the barking dog,elephant, duck and the lion came from Yoko Saito 138 appliqué designs. They were all blown up to make them easier to work with.
Hope you like it.
Keep warm and look forward to seeing what you have created .

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  1. Happy New Year!
    Yes, it is a good trick to leave a quilt we are not at ease with in the UFO state until we are ready to start again. The result is just so fun. I love the appliqué and the border adds a lot of interest. Good show!
    Keep warm!

  2. thank you for your comments and a happy new year, a pity about the photo very poor maybe with the colours being taupe.

  3. I love the colours, they give the quilt sucha gorgeous 'country' feel.


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