Tuesday, 15 July 2014

At last time to blog

It's surprising where the time goes to in the summer with extra things to do more gardening and cleaning.
Today I must show you the lap quilt I have just finished it is machine pieced and mostly hand quilted, I have to say I have enjoy doing the hand quilting it quite a long time since I did any hand quilting as I mostly do machine quilting.

I did a piped binding, it is red I found "the how to" information on a blog this again was brilliant it went together like a dream.
It is shortly going on it travels as it's off to France all I have to do now is put a label on it and it's ready for off.
I have one more quilt to finished off I am going to hand quilt it so I may be missing from bloggland for a while and my holiday are only round the corner.
Happy sewing and enjoy this lovely weather.

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  1. You've put a lot of work into that hand quilting. Well done!


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