Monday, 28 April 2014

Monday morning update

Hello everybody,
Hope you well and still sewing.

The blue quilt is for my friends first grandchild,it's a fun quilt or a play quilt
You find so many uses for this size quilt, great for a picnic.
Underneath loads of taggy toys I love making them as you can see I have quite a collection.

This week I have loads to do, not much time for sewing need to give my house a coat of paint and a general tidy up ready for summer, I keep putting it off every time I think to start it the weather goes dull and overcast.
Let see how much I get done this week.
Happy sewing or updating

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  1. You have worked hard with the sewing machine which resulted in a heap of great things for children. Aren't they lucky?!
    Now it is time to make the house lucky with spring cleaning and some painting. Don't put it off! The sewing machine needs a rest!


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