Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Happy Tuesday

Good morning friends it's a lovely day here in the UK just perfect for sorting things out I may get in the garden today, I have had a good week and I have nearly finished three UFO lap/play quilts I will show you these next time.

A few thing to show you that I made a few weeks ago.
This is a block I keep making the Lemoyne star, I make it then and don't know what to do with it, I find it fascinating, the last one I made into mug rugs it's such a waste, must get my thinking cap on and do something with them.
Have you got any ideas ?

This just another pin cushion I made from the book Patchwork Please book, it's one of my favourite book for small items.

Key ring my friend is making these for the local church bazaar, they are quick and easy to make I will be giving her these to add to her sales table.
These were Hadley inspiration from flying blind on a rocket cycle blogspot.com she had them in a quilting magazine, take a look at her blog she always blogs two to three times a week.

Have a good week and carry on sewing.

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  1. I agree, making mug rugs out of single blocks is a waste. Why not make new blocks, a few each week and just make a pile until you have enough to join together into a quilt. The Lemoyne star is such a pleasing pattern.
    How many pin cushions do you have in your collection?

  2. Thank you I think I must collect all my star block and put them in a quilt, I am not sure how many pin cushions I have one day I will do a craft fair and display them and perhaps they will sell.


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