Monday, 8 April 2013

Monday quilting bee.


A few more pictures taken at Monday quilting bee we all have turns to host it, it was Jan's turn today she made scrummy coffee cake, and apple cake.
We had a great time it was very noisy as you can imagine with six females all chatting, sewing and generally having fun.

This was made by Liz she finished off sewing the binding today.

This is from Jan's collection she has lived abroad for many years and has just recently come back to the UK.

This is also made by Jan I will add a better photo.

Think gives you a better view of the cats.


This a preview of my latest block you will have to guess what I am making?
That's about all for tonight I you enjoy our selection of our work from Monday quilting bee.

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  1. Your quilting bee sounds like lots of fun and all the quilts are beautiful. Ilike the colours you are using in your blocks.

    Cheers Pauline

  2. I can hear you all chatting along while quilting!
    Beautiful quilts, and I guess you are making a pansy ? quilt in purple. Yes? No?

    1. Hi Queenie,
      It is a flower block I will keep you in suspense until I have finished it, it is not a quilt.

  3. Oh! How cute quilts!!
    And there is a kimono!!^^
    Have a nice handwork time. :D


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