Thursday, 7 June 2012

Things from my quilting group.

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This is lovely cathedral window expertly done.

This is from my friend Betty at my local quilt group, tomorrow we are having a quilt exhibition I will have lots of new picture s so you can view them.

This is from Joan from a pattern from Lynne Edwards for a table runner.

Just another view.

Thought you might like to view this is called house In the clouds at Thorpeness near. Aldeborough it is on the A 12 from Lowestoft.This is a holiday home hope you can see it as it is high above the sky line.

I had a day out on Wednesday it was not dark and over cast, it was quite warm, and this is a pattern made from 4 at quarter I will prep this and post to you as son as I have tried this.

Hope you enjoy my blog if you can suggest anything please let me know as I like to try different things to entertain everybody.
I intend to do giveaway and a few tutorial as I specialise in bag making, and I love to do quilt binding, and almost anything to do with patchwork & quilting.


  1. You have so much information to share with us.
    I am happy to see Jacquie Harvey's BOM block that your friend Betty made.
    The house 'on a stick' is spectacular, as must the view be.
    Looking forward to your bag tutorials!

  2. Thank you for your comment, think I will have more quilts to share with you tonight the show does not open till 1.00pm and it is not my group I go to the sister group and have got roped in for an hours stewarding .

  3. Hi, discovered your blog from Patch N Quilt. Isn't it fun sewing with friends who share the same passion for sewing and quilting!? Love surfing your blog and looking forward to seeing more of your creative work! Have a good weekend!


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